Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's really about the sarong

But I often get caught up in the face instead... go figure.

There was some debate in the household this evening about putting up the painting I completed for today. I wanted to try something different, sticking to real skin tones, but still going with a rich vibrant palette. The model in question, however, disputed the nature of her jaw line, her sour expression, the odd sun dappled shadows on her face.

Everyone's a critic.

Still, I'm going to post it, in keeping with the spirit of this exercise. I'll share what I've come up with even if I'm experimenting and not so sure if what I came up with is what I'd intended. I'm crazy about the colors, if not her countenance. Said model enjoyed the brilliant firey color of her hair and the brilliant blue of the sarong tied halter-style around her neck.


Paintdancer said...

this is gorgeous color, in spite if the models protests...

Eileen Hale said...

I can see why the model thought her expression sour, but I like her face. Maybe "sharp" is a better word for her expression. She looks focussed and exacting. I can just see her. She looks alive, and looks like she has beautiful smooth skin.

This is why I'd rather do portraits of animals - they don't complain about the odd shadows on their faces, or their hair being mussed up. I sympathize with the human models, but it makes me nervous.

I'm glad you posted this. I think it's very beautiful.