Monday, September 18, 2006

Beads 4"x6"

I drew this young woman a couple of times; I just got sucked into her eyes and wanted to draw her again and again. I ended up painting three different color variations, this being the first. I just kept feeling the hot caribbean sun and seeing that still sheet of glass, the turquoise sea. I dunno. I think the other versions will surprise you, but I'll show you those later this week. Hmm, I promised to do the same with those people-like fronds pushing up through the barbed wire -- yes I've got more of those to share, too. I just hate to repeat myself with the same subject matter so soon, regardless of how different they turn out. Stick around, they'll all show up. Something completely different is in the works for tomorrow. Thanks for the comments, to those who leave them -- they let me know someone is really out there.

You are out there, aren't you?

3 comments: said...

Hi Victoria! You can be assured I am out there! And you don't have to post this. Mom

Ron Southern said...

I don't know if i did or just tried to leave a message prior to this! But I did it wrong in any case. Don't choose to print it if it came through to you. You may or may not see what's wrong with it. Very embarassed about it!

Ron Southern said...

Oh, good, I don't have to bite my lip! Anyway, very pleasant look at your paintings! Crazy as a rat, myself!