Monday, September 11, 2006

Well, I'm finally here......

Welcome to The Night Shift. I think this is a rather auspicious date to begin, don't you?

Oddly enough, after being sidetracked by the demands of work and family from creating any art for years, I returned to drawing and painting
in the summer of 2001, just a few short weeks before 9/11.

That was NOT an auspicious time to commit oneself to art.

But I've kept at it. My work has grown and changed and I finally feel ready to share it with a larger audience and to make a daily commitment to my work, and this is the place where I'll begin. Here's a watercolor I finished this summer, just a few short weeks ago, and I thought it a lovely, serene note upon which to begin. This painting is 14"x16" and, like all the images I'll be posting, is for sale.

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"Leaves No. 7" 15.5" x 12", ink and watercolor on paper. Purchase a print here.


Ron Southern said...

Ha! Beautiful painting, Victoria! I really like it. I tried to take up watercolors many years ago just as an amateur, not an artist, but I wouldn't make myself stick to it. Every time I see something nice like your painting, I feel jealous, but it's a silly feeling. Good luck with the blog.

funto saola said...

hi victoria
your work is so amazing
am an art student and am trying to use watercolours in my work
your work makes it look so easy
but i will keep trying
and keep up the good work and i hope to see more of your new work