Monday, September 25, 2006

Meanwhile, back on another island

Empire State Building No. 2,
ink and watercolor on paper.
Purchase a print of this painting  here.

I made a handful of these small Empire State Building paintings as gifts last Christmas and gave them to friends who came to our home for a holiday party. Each one was different form the next, either in time of day, "looseness" of the drawing, or the angle of the building. I painted another for myself last night -- I can just about see this much of the building from my studio window.
In these, the original drawing was done with a bamboo pen, rather than the Rapidograph I've used on most of the other painting-a-day images. I have several of these pens, in a variety of sizes and I love using them, just dipping them directly in either concentrated or diluted ink.
You are almost guaranteed to loosen up when you use these. The pen only takes a small "charge" of ink, depending on the size of the carved nib, so you get some unexpected results as the ink gradually leaves the pen.
Here's a pic of what they look like --

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