Saturday, September 30, 2006

Instead of a painting a day today, this will be Paintings-in-Progress-Day

Rather than let this blog lie dormant over the weekends, I've decided to post images of larger works in progress. During the week you have been seeing my daily 4"x6" ink and watercolor pieces, which I hope you have enjoyed. At the same time, I'm also working on larger pieces which clearly cannot be completed in one day. They are not intended to be, as they are larger, typically 11" x 15", and will take more time to complete.

I thought the blog would be a good place to share how these pieces progress and change. Here are a few drawings I've made this week, which I intend to more fully realize with watercolor.

The first is my daughter, Tafarii. The drawing was done using the aforementioned bamboo pen with india ink.

The next, is a drawing of our friend, Danny, also known as "Bongles". This drawing, as you'll notice, has a finer, more precise line, as it was done with a Rapidograph drafting pen. He has the longest dreads I've ever seen piled up under that leather hat.

This is another larger drawing of Ichamar. I was so pleased with the small 4"x6" version of this little boy, that I'd like to try another painting of him. This is also a Rapidograph pen drawing.

Finally, this is Tasha, Ichamar's cousin. I drew this one with the bamboo pen and india ink. It gives a much looser feel to the drawing than the already-loose Rapidograph line. Tasha often lives in the same yard as Ichamar, the home of her father, but is usally found in her mother's yard.Baby Madda and Fadda don't necessarily live together.......

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawing of Tafarii, I like your drawings with the bamboo pen the best, the suprises you get with the change in line width makes the drawings more dynamic.

Have you ever used a feather quill pen? Lori