Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tribeca Morning

Good morning, everyone.

I think I'll be posting a few portraits this week. I've a number of sketches in the works and want to experiment with different color palettes among them. As you might expect, I don't really care to create an actual photo-realistic likeness, but I do savor capturing a person's mood or emotional state. It's not something I think about when I'm drawing, I just tend to zero in on certain features or expressions and then move forward from there. This was a young woman I spotted in the schoolyard as I took my youngest daughter to the first day of school.

"Tribeca Morning" 
Ink and watercolor on paper
Print available here.


verna said...

Hey, VH McKenzie, you're really good at this!

(I linked here via 30dayartist blog)

zan said...

morning color-girl!

i LOVE the portraiture series you've been showing of late...
and the flora pieces are wonderfully alive and colorful.

another excellent idea: the ebay - click to bid. guess i better start putting my money where my mouth is before all the pieces i want are gone!

love your blog site... akin to reading a great novel, with the arts as the main subject matter.

keep em comming, i'll be here watching/waiting!