Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've done a few of these, here's one variation for tonight, "Negril No. 44"

I've looked at these sensuous fronds so much, I've found that I can draw them easily from memory. I drew 3 variations of these, creating my own imaginary clutches of leaves, pushing up through the barbed wire. Here's one colorful version for this evening. Tomorrow I'll post another but I've decided I'll document a few steps along the way. This one changed a bit from what I imagined I'd paint when I started -- that's often the great pleasure I take in painting, not really knowing where I'll end up. I've found that if I try too firmly to stick to an image that I picture in my head, I'll never get there and only get frustrated. Often, the surprise destination is more satisfying.

"Negril No. 44"
 Ink and watercolor on paper
Prints available here.

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