Monday, July 25, 2011

Can't stand the heat so I stayed out of the kitchen

As much as I wanted to get out and about in the city this weekend, the triple-digit temperatures made my cool studio a much more attractive option.

First up, a special commissioned request for one of my clients: a NYC harbor scene on Metro subway fare card to give as a gift. I was surprised that I could squeeze all of these elements onto such a tiny canvas:


 Next up, another request for a Metro subway fare card paintingAnother client of mine suggested I paint a view of the Queensboro Bridge and I dove in this weekend. I may add a bit more detail to the  suspension rigging but I'm liking it as it is so far. 

What do you all think?

I was so pleased with the bridge that I used it as a study of sorts and began another version on an actual stretched canvas, measuring about 9" x 12". It's not finished but I made some decent progress in an afternoon on this larger version:

A closer look:

I'll post further progress as I make it (I'm optimistic!) and both bridge paintings will be available for sale on Etsy when complete.

Guess the heat was good for something after all.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Looks like they're hanging pretty nicely!

Big shout out to Michael from Philly -- he's framed two subway card paintings and sent along photos. 


 They look great, Mike, thanks!

Keep the photos coming, friends - take it with a point-and-shoot or even with your phone, as long as it's a nice clear photo. 

Looking forward to sharing it here!


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lady Meditates

She's clearly at peace in her beautiful, new frame.  Thank you to Christina from Texas for sending along this photo!

Anyone else out there have a photo to share? Email me, please -

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So how's it hangin'?

To you, my faithful readers, I pose a question and a request: have you purchased some art work from me in the recent (or even not-so-recent) past?  If so, would you share a photo of its place in your home with me? 

I'll post the photo here on the blog with or without your name (whatever you wish) but will like to at least note your city or country. Let's get things started with a photo sent to me all the way from Western Australia from the lovely Joan, who purchased a set of tropical mini prints this past winter. 

 The multi-opening mat was perfect for all those coconuts. Joan wrote, "I do love them and I think they look great in my hallway.'' Thank you, Joan! 


Also from way down in Australia, my long-time blogging friend Dinahmow posted this photo of my Chrysler Building print that she framed and now has hanging in her home. Lovely!

Any more out there? Would love to see them and love to share. Shoot me an email with a photo:

Thanks in advance! 

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm committed

I keep swearing off commissions but then typically find myself at least giving it a go. Here's the latest -- a request for a pen and ink of Damien Marley. The client provided a photo reference.

I started with a pen that has a pretty interesting trait. It's your basic black calligraphy marker with a flat tip. It makes a standard drawing, right?

But when you start to brush it with water --- JUST WATER, no paint - the lines bleed in faint hues of blue and pale pink. I then layered on a little Prussian blue watercolor and some black ink to heighten the contrast. Most of the color comes from the water applied to the lines.

9"x12" ink and watercolor on paper

The lines then did become a little blurred so I went back over the surface with a bamboo pen dipped in ink to bring out the line. Client is happy and I am relieved!