Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Off to "Yard"

We'll be leaving for Jamaica in just a few days and so I haven't had any time to post new work. I hope to be drawing and painting EVERY DAY in Jamaica and will be sure to kick The Night Shift back into first gear.

I expect I'll be gathering more good stories, too -- please stay tuned!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another Run-It-Under-the-Faucet Painting

I was really pleased with this when it was simply ink on paper but somewhere along the way, I took a wrong turn. After the first few washes of color, I decided the combination of colors just wasn't working. No harmony, not a pleasing combination.

It was just a start, but I felt it was in the wrong direction -- right?

I think I had even more paint on it the above scan shows, so I did the old wash down. Soaked it under the fauct and washed of plenty of the paint. But many watercolors, of course, still stain the paper. Some will wash right away, but others will leave a faint stain. So I still had the remnants of some color and I headed of in a slightly different direction.

As usual, I don't quite know where I'll end up..........

Monday, July 02, 2007

No more unfinished symphonies

I didn't think I was going to find a resolution for this painting. I'm not crazy about the composition -- I'd intended to incorporate much of the environment around him but ended up going with a more abstract treatment instead. But I do love the colors. I glazed the shirt with a warm yellow to help integrate it with the other colors a bit more.

It's been an unpredictable progression....

Cropping can change everything. I think I'm going to experiment with framing this painting (cropping it) a few different ways. I like this view ............

"No More Unfinished Symphonies", 12"x16" ink and watercolor on paper $250