Friday, September 25, 2015

The Night Shift Resurrection

I started this subway painting months ago but was promptly sidetracked by a family health situation (mom is on the mend) and only returned to finish it recently.

I had documented its earliest stages:

I'd been pretty pleased with the figure at this point - but her head was troubling me. 

I decided to simplify the background and got a nice shape going on with her head and haircut - for some reason I wiped out her legs and feet, ugh:

I should have left her head alone - now I felt like I disturbed that nice haircut, and her feet were not cooperating. It was at this stage, I think, that all hell broke loose in my mom's life (fell and broke a hip, oy!) and the painting sat for several months, staring at me:

I finally picked up the brushes again last month and finished:

Or so I thought! I continued to noodle it a bit (trim her hips and tinker with her legs - argh! Will update this later - but I have to get this blog back to life so up she goes.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

NYC Subway Rider No. 21

NYC Subway Rider No. 21
4" x 4"x oil on wood

I'm coming out of hibernating, slowly but surely.