Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm in Soul Pancake

I'm pleased to announce that one of my drawings was selected to illustrate one of "life's big questions" in the recently-published  book, Soul Pancake, edited by the actor Rainn Wilson. You can read more about  the Soul Pancake community on their website.

The editors found my work on Etsy and contacted me about being included. They chose my piece "Agony" to be used as full page illustration.

You can purchase a copy of this engrossing book on their website OR on Amazon.

My work is on page 49 or simply check the index:


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Metro Cards are now up!

Hello, my dear readers, the latest batch of Metro Card tiny paintings are now all up on my Etsy shop and ready for purchase. 

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback and your patience -- the oils take so long to dry. Some were still a bit smudgy when I tried to scan them but they are finally ready to go. 



Please click on the title of each painting for purchase info. This does not commit you to buy but just gives the pricing, payment  and shipping info in the event that you are interested indoing so. 

The response to these paintings has been so positive, I'm excited to finally offer these up to you. Many more to come..........

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Stand Clear the Closing Doors

Metro Card Empire State Building No. 1

I've been a virtual Metro Card painting factory lately. I've been scavenging discarded cards, cleaning them up and then prepping them for painting.


I lay them all out on sheets of cardboard, face up. Next, I haul down my giant tub of acrylic gesso. Slathering the card with a layer of gesso provides a more stable surface for the oil paint. The gesso is a thick, milky white, much like marshmallow frosting.

I affix piece of masking tape along each card, using the magnetic strip as a guide, so as to just apply the gesso on the area to be painted.

Looks pretty messy, doesn't it?

Then they've got to sit and dry, overnight at least.

Grrrrr. The waiting is the hardest part, no?

But once dry, I'm ready to go! Some of the cards require a little gentle sanding to smooth out the surface. Then again, the streaky, rough surface can work to create an interesting texture in the painting. 

Here are two more that I've finished........ 

Metro Card World Trade Center No. 1

Metro Card World Trade Center Above the Clouds

Finally, here are a few more that are still in progress......

The completed cards are going up on my Etsy shop as soon as they dry -- will keep you posted!