Sunday, May 31, 2009

Picasso and Alice Neel and Art on a Dashboard

Art-full weekend. Saw the Picasso exhibit at Gagosian and Alice Neel (personal favorite) at Zwirner, both in Chelsea. Go go go.

Just a brief thanks to SOOOO many commenters who have responded to the posts this week. Really appreciate all the feedback and have published all under each post.

Went to Utrecht and then to Pearl Paint today for supplies. While at Utrecht (4th Avenue and 11th St.) I saw this at the end of the paper aisle. At first I thought it was a cigarette machine, which totally threw me, didn't think they still even made cigarette machines:

But, of course, when you look at it closely, not only is it NO LONGER a cigarette machine, it is filled with art for sale. This notice was posted above the coin/bill slot:

I fished into my wallet but didn't have a five -- art is not free but it IS cheaper than a pack of cigarettes -- maybe next time. I'll definitely buy a package this week. A few dozen choices:

Finally, on the way back home, I spotted this car on 10th street. Someone has turned the inside of their car into a conceptual art piece. Looked kinda trashy but compelling:

An inspiring day -- did a lot of painting. Lots of story refining -- hee-larious. Car-jacking or rentadread, which comes first? Hmmmm -- stay tuned.


zan said...

put me in an art store and my CC goes bezerk. oh wait, I GO BEZERK and the cc just slides on through.

sounds like its been a very full and fulfilling wkend.

car-jacking or rent-a-dread... tuff decision. your call!


Melanie said...

I love the art vending machine.

Jessica Guptill said...

Aw! That's my machine! I painted the panels for it! Sadly it's no longer at Utrecht (Clark, the founder of Art-O-Mat is trying to find it a new home). But it's nice to see a picture of it there, since I never got to see it when it was installed. Thanks for making my day.

Took said...

Hi -- here is the website for Art-o-mat...there are over 83 across the US.

I am the host of two machines in the Detroit area. I also make art for the project.

I found your blog post through a Facebook post by Cursive Art (J.M. Guptill, the artist who did the panels on that machine).

Anyway...just saying "hello".

My blog talks about Art-o-mat, my projects and other stuff.