Thursday, May 14, 2009

Half Way Tree

Working on a large oil portrait, 24"x30", of the man of the house, the king of our castle. But I'm only half way. I had hoped to, but don't imagine I will, have it completed by Father's Day. I would like to return the love after having such a beautiful day this past Sunday and present this portrait as a gift.

The above images are some close ups of my favorite sections. The work as a whole has not fallen into place just yet. Here are the "before" images of the same sections:

The before pics, above, were charcoal sketches, plus washes of oil paint added. I've been building and changing colors ever since. I've been enjoying the journey but look forward to the outcome -- it's a labor of love, seen?


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Looking forward to seeing all the parts put together!

zan said...

love watching the transformation in progress.

really nice work, vic.


Melanie said...

looking forward to seeing it.

kel said...

i found you recently on the web and my day is always more delicious wen i see a new posting. i love to see your colors & your words all woven together for beautiful art. i love seeing the parts and anticipating the whole. i love how you love him. i love looking forward to more.