Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The artist formerly known as PRINTS

Apologies to those who have expressed dismay at the interruption of stories -- more soon come.

The Big News to which I've been alluding has been the introduction of high-quality giclee prints of my original watercolors, collages, and drawings to be offered for sale. I'm presently still working with printers to fine-tune the process of scanning and reproducing my work to fully capture the original color and clarity of each piece but at a more affordable price than the original.

Here's an example of an initial trial -- can you tell which is which? One is a scan of the original ink and watercolor painting and and the other is a scan of the reproduction, printed on heavy-weight watercolor paper.

When I am satisfied that we have achieved the highest quality accurate reproduction, I will be offering a full array of pieces for sale as prints. These ink and watercolor paintings will all be reproduced on a substantial weight, watercolor paper, with an appropriately wide border, each individually signed and dated by me, suitable for framing.

Thank you for your patience and the continued reading by so many hundreds of followers.

Look for another story this week .................

Note: the above painting is a portrait of Alphonso, our dear friend, rasta elder and supreme jewelery craftsman of Negril, who passed away this past winter. I've had many requests for prints of his portrait which will be available shortly. The original, no longer for sale, is on the left, the print is on the right.

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Sis in Law said...

Oh, fabulous, I can hardly wait!!!