Monday, May 04, 2009

You say verandah, I say porch

You say rain-ah fall, I say it's raining.

You say she bawl eye-watah, I say she's crying.

You say pin-weeng, I say penguin.

You say prop kahrn, I say popcorn.

You say flim, I say film.

You say pickney, I say kids.

You say neegle and noogle, I say needle and noodle.

You say electric city, I say electricity.

You say you had a vision last night, I say I had a dream.

You say ya wanta bile egg? I say, yes I'd like two boiled eggs, please.

You say mi soon come, I say 2 hours or 2 days?

You say mi luvya yuh know, I say yes, I know.

You say verandah and I say porch. No matter what you call it, the view from here is still beautiful..................


Anonymous said...

The lickle diffences gib us colour?

Melanie said...

I love it. And I received notice of this post!!

zan said...

love the painting, love the verse.

here's one of my favs:
you say screw-el, i say squirrel


Irenee xxx said...

My Dad says 'Wah ya say? I say 'Pardon'!
My Dad says 'Tishoo dere?' I say 'Please pass the tissues'
Irenee xxx

VH McKenzie said...

scewel -- priceless.

Tishoo-dere -- heeelarious!!! thanks, irenee!