Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Hello, Night Shifters - I'm back after a brief hiatus from blogging.

Lest you think I've dropped off the artistic map, it actually has been a beehive of activity here; and every evening I've found myself saying about one creation or another, "I need to post this on The Night Shift."

Of course the fun is in the making and the drudgery is in the posting. But that's only because I don't want to do a crappy job of just snapping iphone pics and blurting out a few random thoughts. 

I like to  take the extra steps of scanning, shooting, cropping and thinking before I post on the blog. So I have a lot of delicious treats in the pipeline that are gradually ready to make their Night Shift debut.

Best of all, I'm officially on vacation for 4 weeks, starting yesterday, so I'll no doubt be brimming over with new work, new ideas and, of course, finally finishing up my bird series - yeowzah!

Let's start with this tiny treasure trove......

I received a message from a buyer on Etsy who wanted to purchase this Metro Card painting of the Twin Towers :

World Trade Center No. 11
3.25" x 2 " oil on Metro Card

I'll admit, it's a bit somber, gloomy, funereal even. But also a lovely geometry and respectful. No flaming, crashing planes and soaring eagles like so much other WTC "art."

My buyer asked if I could create another painting to partner with this one: a rendering of the Freedom Tower, currently still under construction at the WTC site. 

And so I did --

Freedom Tower No. 1
 3' x 3' x7' Oil on Metro Card

More celebratory, more hopeful in the light of day, the perfect companion piece.

Ok, that's it for today, but I'll be back shortly, friends -- looking forward to sharing so much more.

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