Friday, August 23, 2013

Making a Mark in Maine

I discovered the irrepressible Andrea Brand through Twitter sometime last year and when our trip to Maine finally materialized, I knew I had to seek her out and explore her Art Barn.

Located in Phippsburg, Maine on Sam Day Hill Road, just off 209 South, about one mile beyond the Phippsburg Fire Station. The barn is set back from the road in a beautiful sunny spot.

Andrea has curated a large array of work by emerging artists in the Phippsburg area. Photography, painting, sculpture and jewelry - there's something for everybody. It was a delicious treat to explore.

Andrea has amassed (and inherited!) a huge collection of sea glass:  her sculptures are beautiful and intriguing.

I worked my way toward the back of the barn, drawing to the gorgeous paintings arrayed on the rear wall.

These were the works of Ellie Barnet, born and raised in Maine with a degree in Painting from Boston University's College of Fine Art. She currently lives (and paints) in Maine.

Just beautiful - clearly the rustic Maine coast but with a modernist approach:

I did my best to capture a few photos in the dim light at the rear of the barn:

And I finally treated my self to his gem:

"View of Center Pond" by Ellie Barnet
8" x 5.5" oil on canvas

I love her work! Ellie cites her grandfather, artist Wil Barnet, among her many influences.

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