Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Art Around The Park - 2013

Every year I say I'm going to participate in this event the next time it comes around -- and it always sneaks up on me. I'd have to have a plan to tackle such a huge canvas and in public view! Next year, seriously, next year.

Until then, here are a slew of photos I took last week during the short time the canvas was literally wrapped around Tompkins Square Park.




5. Very Basquiat-ish. Love it!


7. Nice ass, er, asses.

8. This was on the canvas near 9th Street.....
and if you turn around you'll see that the artist painted from life!

9. I don't get this one at all, bit of a hot mess:

10. Um, this had potential. I would have liked to see more -- I think the faces are all 3d wire sculptures affixed to the canvas.


 Wonder if anyone actually sold their sections?



15. Marilyn attends.

16. Andy Warhol always makes the scene - 

17. This actually looked nice in person, better than the photo, with all the light and trees showing through those cut-out triangles.

18. Yes, ma'am.


20. Nice, wish we still had those hulking checkers.

21. Nice portrait but wtf is going on with her chest? She has bone issues.

22.I know Chico is considered a local legend, but I find that he always captures a likeness with something just-a-little-bit-off. And not in a good way:

23. I think this one is my favorite:




27. Not sure what's going on here:



30. Someone OD'd on all the art, I guess:

Which one was your favorite?


Dan Gliubizzi said...

I just love this stuff! Thanks for posting it. Do you have the contact info to be a participant? I think that your work would look fabulous.
I would like to do this also!

VH McKenzie said...

Hey Dan!

Art Around the Park is done under the auspices of the annual Howl Festival --

The AATP used to happen around Labor Day weekend but lately has been bumped up to much earlier in the summer. Check their website and see if you can be on a mailing list to be alerted for nexty ear's event.

Let's make a pledge to do it!