Sunday, June 17, 2012

W.W.W.W. (Watercolors While We Wait) - First of the Summer

Not being the sort who can sit still and/or waste time, at least as I see it, I did haul along my ink and watercolors to fill the gaps between oil painting sessions. Since my canvases are yet to be stretched, I happily turned to some pen and ink with watercolor to pass the time. 

Who am I kidding? Pass the time? Hardly. Just a compulsion, I guess. 

My first foray was with just the pen and ink, looking out on my veranda. I'm not crazy about it but it got my feet wet. Or, well, the paper. Got me loosened up a little. I hate a blank piece of paper, fills me with dread.  

Just dive in without high expectations and you can't lose. Even if you lose.

Meh. It got me moving ink around and not thinking about it too much. Worth it for that alone.

Then an attempt with some color. Looking a bit Christmas-y with the red and green, I'm thinking. Not crazy about it:

Told myself I totally suck and was ready to tear this up. Decided to just put it A SIDE. Perhaps RETURN to it a later time. And remember that most creative frustration is just a harbinger of a breakthrough of some sort. Yeah, that's what I told myself.

In other words, just hang in there, don't give up so easily, loser. Or you will be a loser, you loser.

Truth be told, I really hate wasting the good paper on a painting with which I'm not happy. Grrr.

So. Persevere. New sheet of fancy paper. Double grrrrr.

Sketch again, using bamboo pen and ink.

Ok, happy with that. Nice composition. Still loose. Stick with it, loser. Add some caribbean-inspired color:

Ok, not bad. That'll do, pig.

A few more touches and done:

I like it. Maybe I'm not such a loser after all......

Croton No. 21

Afraid I can't scan anything while we are in Jamaica -- but I shall put this up on Etsy using these on-site photos -- first painting of the trip for sale........

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