Friday, June 29, 2012


Here's the next progression of in my series of bird paintings -- the Jacana, a tropical wading bird, with enormous clawed feet.

First step, charcoal sketch -

Next, the hot mess stage, color washes every where:

I was using some photo references that showed the bird in a tangle of leaves, but since it's a water bird, I decided to add some ocean -- 

More paint - 

And a little bit of reedy water business along the bottom -- 

The jacana has a very odd yellow cap on its forehead, almost looks like a duck bill just pasted there:

Finishing up, some glazes across the sky -- 

Sorting out the reedy water business - 

And done!

 And this is where Jacana will ultimately live - Jacana Cottage at  Whistling Bird, Negril.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria: Absolutely handsome bird!

G.M .