Saturday, June 30, 2012

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news

The national bird of Jamaica, the Doctor Bird -- aka the swallow-tail hummingbird. The males have two, long-flowing tails.
First, the charcoal sketch -

Next, washes of color, the hot mess --

Then more layers of paint -

 I'm actually pretty pleased with it at the stage but you can still see traces of my charcoal grid through the glazes. This paint thinner I have to use down here is not as good as turpentine at creating a nice consistency of paint. It's crapola.

So, I still layer on more paint. Loving the color combinations -- 

ok, so more paint......

And done! My new favorite -- 

And here is where he will be hanging, Doctor Bird cottage at Whistling Bird in Negril ,Jamaica.

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