Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sun Rise One Stop

See what I mean? That empty Heineken bottle rolling around under the passenger seat signals it's time to pull over. And just around the corner, the next one-stop appears as if summoned by  "deh powahs."

I'll pass on those dusty Tings lined up outside, even if they ARE in the shade. I'm from "farrin", so I need something out of the cooler, please. I'll take a bag of those Excelsior Water Crackers, hard as rocks, but tasty. The King grabs a Supligen and a "wizla" and we hit the road again..............

Sun Rise One Stop
Ink and watercolor on paper 

Purchase a print here. 

1 comment:

Sean C Jackson said...

Beautiful work! Yes the portraits are magnificent, the lines & colors. Thank you for sharing :) You inspire me to post more often! SCJ