Friday, March 02, 2007

Bakka Yahd

One hot guinness or two cold red stripe, mebbe a bun an' cheese with a fresh coconut jelly. Get one frozen box drink for the pickney or maybe a Kola Champagne. 

If rum's your thing but you cyant afford an entire bokkle of J & B, just bring your own small empty pint and pay for a refill. 

Buy just one or two rolling papers, because who can afford to buy a whole pack?

And you're back on the road, sure to come across another one-stop around the next corner when your provisions run low.

Driving through the rural countryside of Jamaica always makes me think this is what middle America must have been like in the 1930s. One day these independent shops will be gone and Burger King and KFC will dot the landscape, just as they've taken over the streets of 'town and Mobay. Catch 'em while you can............

Bakka Yahd
Ink and watercolor on paper 
Purchase a print here.


Meg said...

I absolutely love this painting. It brings back happy memories of my visit to Jamaica and being with Peter and the girls on the road when we stopped at little shacks just like this. Peter seemed to know just about everyone!

muddy red shoes said...

what a stunning picture, beautiful colours and lines.

Renee said...

i love this one!!