Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Putting the Custom back in Customer - Part 3 of 6

Next up in the commission series - this daunting landscape of a small city in Italy. Anyone recognize it? It reminds me of Florence but I don't see that iconic dome or any sign of the Arno River. 

My client decided that this photo would be another of the 3 to be recreated in black and white, no watercolor. First, I de-saturated the image so I wouldn't be distracted by the color and applied a grid to the picture. As before, this helps me digest the scene in smaller bites and keep the proportions in order.

I used photoshop to tweak the levels of dark to light, this helped me see more detail by exaggerating the lights and darks.

I again applied a light pencil grid to my paper and dove right in. 

Here's a close-up:

Last step, applying layers of ink, thinned with water, to create volume. Here's the final image, cropped to 9"x12." There wasn't a singular focal point in the original photo, it was rather flat, so it was a challenge. Still, I think the end result is lively and interesting. What do you think?

Next up, the Italian country side in living color……..


zan said...

excellent execution and delivery !!!
true there is no one focal point, though your use of line and shading create a multitude of micro focal points that keeps the eye moving within the piece... making/keeping it exciting. the original photo has nothing on your rendering!
...rather Escheresque.

sandy salzman said...

I love your work Victoria, and admire your talent. I especially enjoy these posts where you show and explain the process you go through to create your works of art. Having no artistic ability at all, I would have no idea how to even begin to do what you do. Beautiful!