Saturday, April 07, 2012

City Painting - final stages

I'm pleased with how this painting is coming along -- and am nearly finished.

I was skeptical about the color-combination requested -- but using the Payne's Gray as the base, a nice cool, bluish gray, has resulted in a really lush, rich painting. 

It's funny, but sometimes I can't see the problem areas clearly until I take a wide photo. The camera does cause some distortion, since the painting is so large and I'm taking the photo at a short distance. Also, the uneven lighting casts some glare on the surface.

Even allowing for some slight curving distortion, in the photo, I can still see some areas that I want to even out a bit. The big "C" in Tacoma is a little lopsided, the baseline text of "WEST" in the upper right is uneven, and the surface of the letters in "Las Vegas" need some work.

But otherwise, almost done!

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