Friday, October 26, 2007


I've got another version of this fellow which is much more conservative, with less of an exaggeration of his features. It is generally more precise but less interesting. I prefer this one, even tho it is a bit over the top. I'll post the other when it's finished and let the critics weigh in.................

ink and watercolor on paper


dinahmow said...

Firstly...I have had trouble getting your page,especially the comments box, to load.I hope it's OK now.
Now...grotesque? Not to me! One of the things I like about your watercolours is the "odd" hues you use.So I'm looking forward to seeing the "conservative" version.

Back-tracking a little, to the dreadlocks tree...I love it!

zan said...

the vibrant show of your intrinsic choice of lines, strokes and color... easily expresses the intuitive relationships formed with your medium, subject matters and methods used for executing each piece you produce.

this piece is pure gut reaction/action... usual thinking and thought patterns put aside to produce the playful precision inherent in all your work.

grotesque? ...not at all.
another beauty.


muddy red shoes said...

happy new year girl!...where are you? I miss you!