Monday, July 02, 2007

No more unfinished symphonies

I didn't think I was going to find a resolution for this painting. I'm not crazy about the composition -- I'd intended to incorporate much of the environment around him but ended up going with a more abstract treatment instead. But I do love the colors. I glazed the shirt with a warm yellow to help integrate it with the other colors a bit more.

It's been an unpredictable progression....

Cropping can change everything. I think I'm going to experiment with framing this painting (cropping it) a few different ways. I like this view ............

"No More Unfinished Symphonies", 12"x16" ink and watercolor on paper $250

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zan said...

queen of cropping here... or as i like to refer to it as: restless composition syndrome!

one thing i've always found interesting when it comes to cropping, is multiple crops from a single piece that work together as a series... which can then be matted and framed in any number of ways. for instance in this peice, crop the facial/head&hair area into 3 different individual compositions then matting, framing and hanging them as a single piece... one idea.
only imagination and vision needed for many other cropping series.

another thing i do is never throw anyting away, no matter how much i may dislike the end result or how 'over worked' a piece may be. when it comes to integrated mediums or collage work, they are an invaluable source of inspiration and always useful in numerous ways one may have never thought of.

just figured i'd toss the idea out, there are too many interesting areas to this painting that work well. as soon as i read your comment on cropping, my rcs went into over-drive.

august is looking better. will e you first chance i get to sit for longer than 10 minutes.

love the subject lines for your blog posts!

more soon.