Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Three Faces of Eve


Version 1
Untitled, 10" x 14" ink on paper

Using the same reference, I came up with three very different versions of a face.  Same technique, lots of water on the paper, and the results got looser and looser each time.

I was only going to post one of these but I think it's interesting to see the progression from first to last. I'm kind of partial to the third and last one ---

Version 2

Untitled, 10" x 14" ink on paper


Version 3

Untitled, 10" x 14" ink on paper

I've been poring over the work of Marlene Dumas lately which inspired me to experiment. Her portraiture can be quite disturbing and off-putting. 

Which is why I like her, of course.

You can see some of her work here.  

I was particularly interested her different portraiture series, such as the 95 portraits in Models  and the 21 images in Jesus Serene.

She used the same technique of working wet-into-wet but I've come to realize now that she worked up a lot of the crisp detail in the weird portraits with pencil or graphite. The result -  her soupy faces would have the occasional sharp piercing eyes or teeth, making them even more strange.

I love her work, I love the strange.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the top (first) one.
I've seen Dumas portraits online before. Some, yes, but a lot is too doll-like for me. Creepy dolls!

VH McKenzie said...

Yes, totally creepy. But that's what I like about them, that they are so disturbing!

Melanie said...

I like them all but the first one is my fave.