Monday, April 26, 2010

Raw Like Sushi

Whenever we walk into Takahachi, our favorite local restaurant, the chefs behind the sushi bar hail us up, bump fists with the King and then
say, "So whose birthday is it tonight?" 

We're not high rollers and rarely eat out - I know my way around the
kitchen and the king is a first-rate chef -
 so we're happy to eat in 95% of the time. But if we 
can find a good reason to celebrate, whether it's a birthday, an anniversary, first
day of school or last day of school (!), a special holiday, any excuse to treat ourselves to a night out, we head straight to our cozy
Japanese favorite on Avenue A. 
Last month, our youngest and I both shared the honor since our birthdays are just 3 days apart. This past week, she and I both pointed to the King. 
Much laughter and hailing up from behind the sushi bar. And a conspiratorial whisper to me about what they might prepare as a special treat.

We've been treating ourselves to a meal at Takahachi since our girls were
babies, holding them on our laps at the sushi bar, enjoying a few hot sakes or the occasional cold sake-in-a-wooden-box. I could eat sushi  5 times a week but the King, well, that's another story. 

As much as he prefers Takahachi to any other restaurant in the East Village,
he won't go near the raw fish. Won't even consider it.
"Mi teenk mi gwan troh up, if mi eat dat." Charming. Nevermind then.

So his favorite restaurant is a sushi bar. But he won't eat the sushi. That
makes about as much sense as anything else in our family.  Pour another hot sake and throw some more chicken yakitori on the fire, it's the King's birthday!

Our youngest took some photos, natch. Her dad chose to try out the new jacket
we bought him -- a commemorative World Cup South Africa 2010 Adidas with a beautiful illustration on the back. 

Let's see, Mother's Day is just around the corner -- we'll be back.....


Melanie said...

I love your water color of a sushi meal--yum. Nice photos too. Glad you all had a good time.

dinahmow said...

What a great shot. Love that jacket, man!
Oh, happy whatever-day, everyone!

Sam said...

I'm a lover of fish, but not raw !!!

VH McKenzie said...

thanks ladies - and Sam, 128 million Japanese can't be wrong. Try it, you just might like it......

moreidlethoughts said...

Me again...just a heads up, Victoria - I finally got your print framed. Lousy photo on my blog - will do better when it's on the wall!
And sushi? What's not to like!

Katty said...

Fab painting and splendid jacket! Don't think I could get R into a sushi bar but then I havn't tried as there isn't one anywhere near....Happy B'day Peter xxx

Goggla said...

His favorite place is a sushi bar, but he won't eat the sushi...I love it.