Sunday, April 04, 2010

Jamaican Easter Bun and Some-Would-Call-It-Cheese

A bredren surprised us early this morning with the delivery of one Jamaican
Easter Bun and the requisite slab of "cheese".

"Happy Easter, Veektoddyah," he said, as he handed over the heavy dark
brick loaf of glistening bun. The surfeit of molasses in your average Easter Bun
gives it a perpetual sheen. Kind of like an oil slick. He then handed over a
half-circle slab of melon-colored cheese, wrapped tightly in saran wrap.

It was a sweet gesture, really, even tho' Easter Bun is not really my cuppa tea,
so to speak. The loaf is much like a traditional North American
Christmas Fruit Cake -- dark and dense, with pieces of minced dried fruit. The
dessert that seemed to show up every holiday but one which I hardly
ever recall seeing anyone eat. It was not unusual for one Fruit Cake to make
multiple appearances over the holidays, being shuttled from one party to the
next. The ultimate culinary re-gift.

But Jamaicans love their Easter Bun. And cheese.

Don't get me wrong. I love Jamaican cooking. Thanks to the King, we have some
variation of Jamaican cuisine 5 days out of every 7. But I draw the line at
traditional Jamaican "cheese." A pale orange, slightly spongey, it is reminiscent
of Velveeta. Or what the government would call "cheese food." It smears nicely
on top of a dense piece of Easter Bun, providing a nice pseudo-diary
counterpoint to the sweet, syrupy molasses of the bun.

Or so they say.

As for me, I say pass me the manchego with dried fig and a piece of toasted
walnut bread....and whatever you got in your Easter basket, sweetie.


Cathy said...

OOh, VH! Hello! Happy Easter to you. I don't know how I found you on twitter a few months ago, but I did and I enjoy your "tweets".

I'm so happy to discover your blog!! I love your paintings and let me tell you something - girl, you can write! Maybe you already know that about yourself, but I just want to post this little comment to encourage you to not only keep painting, but keep writing, too.


p.s. you can see my blog at

VH McKenzie said...

Heeeyy, and a Happy Easter to you, Cathy! Thanks for the kind words -- th encouragement is always welcome.

Just check in on your blog again and I love the photo of the blue bird eggs in the nest. Lovely. Can I make comments on your blog? Wasn't sure how to do so....I'll be back!

Melanie said...

Lovely painting and lovely story. I had a cappacino and a croissant this Easter morn.

dinahmow said...

Well, Down Under it's all over! But I enjoyed my 85% dark chocolate with chilli.
And I *always* enjoy your blog, Victoria.Cathy is right - you are a great read.

VH McKenzie said...

Thanks Melanie - you and I are going to have to share a cappucino and a croissant al fresco one of these Sunday mornings, ok?

And dinahmow - that sounds scrumptious. As far as I'm concerned, the Jamaican Easter bun is best used as a doorstop.

I can't believe I'm still here on the blog, dinahmow. Just when I think I've run out of things to write about, something juicy lands on my lap. So to speak!