Friday, September 11, 2009

Cuckoo for Coconuts

Pleased to have one of my paintings featured in another Treasury collection on Etsy. The Treasury's theme is entitled "coco.nut" and includes one of my Paradise Palm paintings.

You can view the Treasury up close and personal (and leave a comment if you like) here. You can also click through to some of the other truly beautiful Treasury collections, all handmade work. A few hundred Treasuries only live for a few days on Etsy and then are blown away to make room for new collections.

Christmas is coming.

Sooner than you think.

Please buy handmade and support artists and artisans rather than just patronizing the local big box stores.

Better still, when you go online to, you can search for artisans in your area. It's so easy.

If you navigate to the Etsy home page here and scroll down, under the left-hand column you will see the word "Explore". Underneath that you will find a link to "Shop Local". Click and then simply enter your own city and state into the "search location" box.

You'll then see a list of Etsy artists and artisans who display on Etsy but also happen to live in your area. So you can shop online at Etsy but know that you are also still supporting your own local artisan community.

Nice, eeeeeenh?

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Shorely Chic said...

love love your work... it would look awesome in a shell frame :)