Sunday, August 23, 2009

So how good are those prints, anyway?

Pretty damn good, I'd say.

I know some readers have been curious as to the quality and appearance of the prints I'm offering for sale. I've just picked up 3 prints this weekend and thought I'd show you the result, compared with a scan of the original art work. I'm very pleased with the results. Let's take a look..........

I've got the scan of an original 4"x6" painting, for example, here:

And here's a SCAN of the full PRINT of that painting, which includes a 2" border (unfortunately, the scanner light blows out the texture in the white border, but you can see it in the close up to follow):

Scan of PRINT, close up -- note texture of paper:

Print, 4"x6" image on 8"x10" sheet photo:

Scan of 9"x12" original:

Print of 9"x12" image on 13"x16" sheet:

scan of the original 4"x6" painting,

Print, 4"x6" image on 8"x10" sheet:

The warm-white art print paper is textured and is slightly heavier than card stock. It has some heft to it, but not so much that it cannot be safely rolled in a tube for mailing. You'll notice that the photos of the full prints show a slight curve -- the art paper comes on wide rolls to fit the printer. I believe this is the HP printer my provider employs to make my prints -- it is nearly 6 feet long and uses 12 inkjet color cartridges:

Not a nickle and dime operation. Check out my printer's site, he's a talented artist in his own right, Leo Kundas.

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