Saturday, August 22, 2009

Art on the Street

My good friend Melanie told me about a mosaic she'd photographed while on her daily stroll through the East Village and the Lower East Side. She'd been taking photos at the Skateboard park on 11th Street, between Avenue A and 1st Avenue, for her blog Melanie Musings.

I didn't know what mosaic she was speaking about until I walked past it this morning as I headed out to Brooklyn. It's beautiful.

It is along the base of a cast iron fence at one end of the Skate board park, you can just make it out at the base of the far black spires:

The mosiac is generally assembled by color, changing through the spectrum as you walk east on the block.

And signed by the artists, at the very end. The center mosaic piece reads: Mosaic Project, Summer 2009. Each shard in this section has a name written upon it. It's a lovely addition to the block.

The Mosaic Man has got himself some competition.

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Melanie said...

Great coverage. It would take an artist to see the color change and minute detail in the mosaic that I missed. The playground is cool too. Lovely paintings on the walls.