Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'm lucky, I'm lucky --- I can walk under ladders*

and, we hope, we'll have a home in Jamaica -- one day soon.................

Last week I posted a gocco print made from a palm tree drawing I made while in Jamaica. What I didn't mention was that the spot on that mountain top is the place where we hope to build a home -- and this is the view, looking west, toward the seaside town of Savanna La Mar. Negril lies further beyond, in the hazy distance:

We've already begun to cut a road up to our spot:

A closer view, it's pretty rugged:

Our daughter snapped a few photos of me drawing on our friend's property right there on the mountain. You can see the ocean beyond the palm.

The result was a drawing that I turned into the previously discussed print.

Here is another version, hand painted with watercolors, of that very palm.

It is available on my Etsy shop, along with another version, matted and ready for framing.

*a nod to Joan Armatrading


zan said...

LOVING the new gocco enhanced prints, vic.

and the photos of you/your land are exciting to see as well!

having lived in the 'bush' areas in jamaica for many many years, there is so much joy in the peace and solitude and beauty that surrounds you while there, the anticipation for your continuing venture has me just as excited as you must feel knowing that soon you will be sitting pon deh porch overlooking that fantastic view!

thanks for sharing... love it all.


Melanie said...

What a beautiful view--top of mountain and sea below--gorgeous palm tree-I really like the colors.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely!Ah...but will you have postal service for the sketchbook exchange!
Seriously, this looks a magical spot and, no doubt, full of wonderful stories and pictures.