Monday, July 20, 2009

I was featured on The Front Page of Etsy today

I don't imagine it's too tough to spot my painting -- "Rasta Pickney Deh Deh" -- in the collection of 12 items (9 shown in photo) featured on the Etsy main page today during the 2pm slot.

Etsy's reach is huge, with over 1,902,073 average daily page views from all over the world. Getting placement on the Front Page, even for just one half-hour slot, is something most sellers crave. Some land their multiple times, some folks never.

I saw my page views for just that one painting go through the roof, from about 20 views over the past couple of weeks to over 245 within the space of about 20 minutes.

And then - boom - before anybody else could take a look at it, it sold.

Followed that with a sale for 3 more -- life is good.

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Kathy Mc xxx said...

WOW, That is fantastical !!!