Monday, February 12, 2007

Downtown R Train, 4:30pm

I'm still on hold, waiting for my music to accompany my Jamaican portrait series. So we'll take a diversion for a while and visit the subway series I began at the beginning of the year.

These are nameless faces, all literally Strangers on a Train. Every day on the subway is a different show, a rich pageant of life, people whom I've never seen before and are likely never to see again. I like to look at faces and imagine what they will look like 20 years hence. Or the reverse, if they are elderly, and picture what they may have looked like when in the flush of youth.

So I have no stories to tell for these portraits -- I'll have to let the images speak for themselves..............

Downtown R Train
Ink and watercolor on paper
Print is available here.

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Ron Southern said...

Well, I like it!