Monday, January 22, 2007

A Change is in the Air

And no, that doesn't mean I've switched to painting plants.

I came back like gangbusters after my holiday break, churning out 5 new portraits and stories that first week, but I hit a bump in the road again last week with family commitments. I got back to my studio this weekend and I now have many more Jamaican portraits in progress, a series of subway portraits in the works and plans with a collaborator to add some original music tracks to the images I post.

So, please bear with me.

I expect I will be reducing my output to 2-3 paintings per week, rather than one each week day, but the the results will be more satisfying, I hope. I'll be back with a new portrait very shortly.

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As they say in Jamaica, soon come , likkle more, walk good or my favorite, "lend me a nanny,


nancyj said...

N500J here....
glad to see your back.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Hi, I just hopped over from Ron's blog. Your artwork is great. I love it. I also love to paint and draw but right now I'm inro poetry. Great work! Stop by sometime.