Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lovely Rita

We had a party in NYC to celebrate our journey through South America. I included in each invitation a beaded necklace, from which hung a plum-sized, varnished piranha head, jaws opened wide.

Who could resist?

Rita came, the most beautiful woman at the party. Aaahh, why did I capture her in the least flattering pose, looking straight up her nostrils? She'd had enough partying. The blow-gun contests, the thick black Brazilian Xingu beer and a couple of caiparinhas got the best of Rita.

She flopped on a bed, amidst the pile of all our guests' heavy winter coats and, as usual, struck a glamorous pose.

Girl can't help it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You definitely mapped my moment of collapse into the bed of coats. I still have that novel Piranha-headed invite hanging on my kitchen's back door....

Images emerge of you and the Amazonian call that brought us from far and wide....like Jumanji thru your door.

Thanks again 4 the open house and even more thanks 4 the gift of your atmospheric and topographic hand. So much back story lies behind the colors u were inspired to choose. One day we'll share.

Your words about my beauty say you are still the generous and kind spirit and beauty (as well) that I remember.