Thursday, February 14, 2013

Single Fare Opening

The Single Fare 3 exhibit opened at RH Gallery in Tribeca last night -- it was jam packed with artists, collectors and art lovers. I grabbed this photo from the Single Fare 3 FB page:

People were spilling out onto the street in the cool drizzle of the evening.

There were over 2500 works submitted  - here are a few of my favorites - the roiling seascapes by Annie Wildey:

Found my own set of paintings on the western wall -- not so happy to see they posted my Empire State Building on its side. WTF? Same with the coffee cup. For god's sake............

Many artists submitted a unified series -- like these nude figures by Ingrid Cappozolli Flynn: 

Or this series of portions of a face -- just beautiful, by Alyssa Monks:

And these were really lovely, by Elizabeth Glaessner  -- they look like watercolors but I don't know how she prepped to cards to receive watercolor -- hmm, maybe gouache...........

The entire collection can also be seen online - and available for purchase -here.

Update: Two of my paintings were included in the slideshow accompanying this article,  on Transportation

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dinahmow said...

Looks great. And yes, those seascapes are stunning.