Sunday, September 09, 2012

Grandpa was a Painter, Not a Fighter

My mother mailed me this lovely pen and ink drawing, made by her father during his military service in World War 1. My grandfather, Robert Birrell, was a Scotsman who served in his Majesty's armed forces. 

You can see his signature and notation of the location here --

But this is a bit of a mystery -- he clearly had a sense of humor but I'm not quite sure what this means -  Hotel  Dal Blai?   
Any ideas? 
Please let me know........


dinahmow said...

Just guessing, Victoria, but the French word (old, I think) for badger is blaireau. Perhaps a topical joke on "foxhole" which the sketch seems to suggest?
Perhaps there was a "Blair" in his unit? It's a Scots name.
Make of it what you will!
(It's a sweet little sketch, by the way.)

VH McKenzie said...

ahhh, that's interesting Dinahmow, could be, could be. I wish he was still around to ask! He died before I was born -- would love to have run a few of my paintings by him....