Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I'm committed

I keep swearing off commissions but then typically find myself at least giving it a go. Here's the latest -- a request for a pen and ink of Damien Marley. The client provided a photo reference.

I started with a pen that has a pretty interesting trait. It's your basic black calligraphy marker with a flat tip. It makes a standard drawing, right?

But when you start to brush it with water --- JUST WATER, no paint - the lines bleed in faint hues of blue and pale pink. I then layered on a little Prussian blue watercolor and some black ink to heighten the contrast. Most of the color comes from the water applied to the lines.

9"x12" ink and watercolor on paper

The lines then did become a little blurred so I went back over the surface with a bamboo pen dipped in ink to bring out the line. Client is happy and I am relieved!


dinahmow said...

Lookin' good! (Usually, I go for waterproof pens, but I found by accident that one of mine bleeds like this.Must try it again!)

Unknown said...

I love this one Victoria! I love them all actually!

Anonymous said...