Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giving Away Tasha

"What do you mean, they're giving her away?" I asked.

My sister-in-law just shrugged,  raising her eyebrows, pushing her pursed lips outward. She looked away.

"Felecia, giving her away to who?" I said, getting irritated with the typical lack of details about a typically outrageous situation.

She looked back at me, her expression blank. "To one white lady fram farrin." She stared at me, waiting for another dumb question.

"Whaddya mean, one white lady?  What white lady?  How does her mother even know 'one white lady fram farrin?' " I said, getting pissed off at the opaque nature of her information. Tasha's mother, one of my brother-in-law's "baby muddahs,"  lived way out inna bush outside of Savanna La Mar. How she ever came in contact with a white lady tourist was beyond me.

"Mi nah know. Jess one white lady who seh she cyan gi' Tasha ed-yoo-kay-shun an' ting. Mek she haff one bettah life den dung soh." Felecia curled up one side of her mouth and shrugged again, as if she were only repeating what she had been told and didn't quite believe it. "She seh she gwan tek Tasha up a farrin, adopt she, and raise her up soh." Felecia looked away again, this time looking wistful instead of annoyed.

"And Antsman is ok with this? He's letting the fool Baby Muddah just send Tasha to another country with a stranger? How well does anybody know this white lady, anyway? Is this even legal?" I was getting upset. But I was asking too many questions, much too quickly. I should have known better.

Dung soh, down in Jah-mey-kah, information drips out slowly, if at all, like the last spoonful of ketchup in the bottom of the bottle. You can slam the bottom of the bottle real hard, hoping that what remains will explode out in big spurts.  Or you can just turn the bottle upside-down and let rest it on the countertop, until everything slowly collects in a liquid pool,  ready to spill out.

So I tipped the bottle over slowly and waited........


Kathy Mc said...

Please tell me this didn't happen...gobsmacked.

Caroline Bray Art said...

Very moving words and a beautifully expressive painting...there's some heartbreaking writing on this blog. Is it from real life or fiction?

VH McKenzie said...

Thanks Caroline -- all too true, these stories, from people I've met and traveled with over time. But there are some joyful moments here as well. All is not heartbreak....