Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walk on the Beach

Just because we we do.


Rachana Shakyawar said...

Really Sweet!
Such a profound painting!
And you made those tiny shoes too :))

LOved it..
So is the beach so close to your home!

Melanie said...

I love this painting and theme--I was at the pool today and only in the sun for about an hour and I look like I was in the Caribbean. Wish I was lying on the beach under a tree with a fresh coconuut water to drink and a salt fish and bake for lunch.

Sam said...

Is this you and your husband?

VH McKenzie said...

Hey Rachana -- I guess you would say that beach is near our home-away-from-home. it's the beach in Negril, Jamaica.

And yes, Sam, that's us!

Goggla said...

Lovely! Wish I was there...will settle for the pile of sand down by the seaport. Sigh. :)