Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Take on a Palm Tree

Seems as if people all over the world love this drawing -- I get visits to this page literally every day from every continent on the globe.

Someone in Jamaica told me that my ink drawings of palm trees were "scary." Made me wonder if that is the feeling I must be having as I draw them.......why would that be the case?

They are beautifully graceful. They grow in sand. They are watered by rain but also by the relentless washing of salt water from the sea. Hardly scary, they not only survive the relentless heat of the sun and ocean, they THRIVE.

But their roots are like the up-ended head of a dreadlocked monster. They are a purplish red, more plentiful than their swaying leaves, and stretch for several feet beyond the surface trunk in all directions. I got a good look at those roots, after the hurricane-driven waves washed away the protective sand of the many trees lining the shore. I was stunned.

Perhaps I did find these beauties quite scary after all.

See many more of my palms here.

Prints available here. 


Auntie M said...

Scary? Maybe. Fierce, for sure. I am amazed at how you capture their life like appearance and personality with just black ink. I love them.

muddy red shoes said...

I love them too, not scary, powerful, like all trees and you have it here.

Barry said...

Really great drawing. I wonder if the lower right branch might look a little like a skeletal spine and ribcage ("scary") to some. Even so, still very cool. Doesn't have to be pretty to be beautiful! You have inspired me to do a series of palms.