Monday, October 23, 2006

The Amazons - at Sunset

No, I'm not talking about the river this time, although it churned slowly in the distance beyond these young lovely girls.

Serious and curious, I think they were sisters. And like little girls anywhere, Amazons or not, they were combing and pinning up one another's hair as the sun fell slowly into the jungle.

4"x6" ink and watercolor on paper.
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1 comment:

zan said...

greetings vic...
love the cultural shift in your paintings.
you've captured the look and feel of a completely different cultural life and lines than the jamaican portraitures.

when was it you were in s.america and where did you venture to? i would love to see a series based on that journey... and any other regions of the world youve been... even your own backyard (so to speak). NYC must be a feast for the eyes when it comes to capturing 'characters'.

you continue to keep me enthused and in awe of your work.
please excuse my lacking e contact of late, will catch up with you this week.

much love,